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The Maypole returns for BITG 2023!

The Maypole symbolizes the phallus of the God.  The hole it is planted in represents the womb of the Goddess.  With red (blood) and white (semen) ribbons adorning the Maypole, the entire ritual of the Maypole and the dance around it takes on a powerful meaning.  Use this dance to raise fertile energy.  Have fun!  Laugh!  Sing!  Participate!


Because this is a fertility festival, when preparing for the main ritual of the Maypole Dance, women prepare the hole and men prepare the tree.  We ask that you join these festivities as the gender group you identify with and experience this portion of the Mysteries.  Men are charged with finding a tree willing to sacrifice itself, felling it, and decorating it.  You will learn more of the Mysteries by attending the Men’s Mystery Rites.  Women are charged with preparing the hole, gathering items, and beautifying it.  You will learn about this process at the Women’s Mystery Rites.


It is suggested that everyone bring at least three small gifts of your choice to Beltaine:


  • A sacrifice or petition to place into the Goddess’ womb representing your wish or the ‘child’ you wish to conceive this year.  Make sure that this is something biodegradable.  No plastic!


  • A gift for the May Queen, representative of the Goddess.


  • A gift for the May King, representative of the God.


Your gifts may be as small or large as your Inner-Self instructs you to bring.  Do what feels right!

Video courtesy of FuLoRi

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