May 16

Gates Open:  9 am

Gates are closed between Wednesday night, at 8 pm until Thursday morning at 9 am.  We ask that no one arrives during these times.

Ground Breaking & Choosing of the Tree:  11 am

For those who identify as female, we will begin the hole digging process with Queen Remy. Please feel free to spend time digging the hole at any time between now and Saturday morning before Women’s Mysteries. This will allow for our females to work on the hole until it is prepared on Saturday.

For those who identify as male, join King Janani as he makes his choice of which tree shall be transformed into our May Pole. Working with the Windward Foundation, he will be given a few choices of young trees to fell, which will be the result of thoughtful husbandry for the forest. The tree shall be marked by our King.

Faery Arts & Crafts Circle:  12 pm

The Faery Arts & Crafts Circle will be open. We will blow bubble wishes to open the space for young ones - in age and heart - to enjoy this sweetest of places at BITG. Mandala coloring sheets and colored pencils will be on hand, as well as arts & crafts supplies, Pagan/Magickal Story Books and a wonderful cooperative game, Wild Craft - perfect for all ages to play! These supplies will be available throughout the weekend for our use!

FYI For Parents of Kids Ages 13 and Younger

We will have a special photo Scavenger Hunt for the young ones to embark upon. Each child will be given a list of things to find around the Main Area of our Festival. Once they have all their pictures of the items and shown them to Faery Circle Priestesses Seanachai or Faye, they will receive a Special Crystal and additional token goodies for themselves!

Workshop - Connect with the Energies of the Elements:  1 - 2 pm

Host:  Seanachai
We are made of the Four Greater Elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and combined they feed our Spirit. Join Seanachai in a series of Element-based energy exercises and get in touch with the elements within.

Workshop – Get in Touch with the Fey:  3 - 4 pm

Host: Faye

The Fae/fey/Faeries/Fairies - however you spell it - These powerful, magickal beings can bring amazing boons into your life if you know how to work with them, not against them. Join Faye of Spiral Grove Coven and learn how to connect with the energy of the Fey, Faeries, and Sprites. Explore common and not so common Faerie Lore that can help you appease the Faeries and more.

Workshop – A Guided Visualization with Seanachai:  4:30 - 5:30 pm

Host: Seanachai

Experience the grounding impact of Earth Walking alongside Wide Awareness and coming into your senses through a guided visualization led by Seanachai while surrounded by the magnificent beauty of Mother Nature.

Opening Ritual:  8 pm

Hosts:  Queen Remy & King Janani
Join us for the Opening Ritual where we officially start our Beltaine Weekend! We will gather in a procession from the Crossroads of the Campground, making our way to the main fire for a ritual blessing and opening of the BITG festivities. The fire will be lit, with some chilling and fun to commence! Bring your drums and other instruments! Dance, sing, make music, and be merry!

Gates Close:  8 pm

Gates are closed between Thursday night at 8 pm until Friday morning at 9 am.  We ask that no one arrives during these times.