May 13

Gates Open:  9 am

Gates are closed between Wednesday night, at 8 pm until Thursday morning at 9 am.  We ask that no one arrives during these times.

Vendors will be open throughout the day as they are ready. Come to the Main Fire area, find/experience something magickal and new to you, for you, for a friend, or possibly for the new Queen and King. Take home a treasure or two....or three!

Our vendors this year include:

  • Group Tarot/Readings by Kate

  • Stone Witch Wands & Tools of Intention by Amy

  • Indigo Moon Body Jewelry by Ms. Terre

Faery Arts & Crafts Circle Opens:  12 pm

Join us in making bubble wishes as we open the Kid-at-Heart Faery arts & crafts circle. This circle will remain open for the festival, offering a place for young ones and adults alike to take a break and immerse themselves in some creative fun.

Come to the Faery Circle to make your own Beltaine Baton! Find your stick in the woods and add the Beltaine ribbons chosen by Queen Coyote. Craft some Beltaine Magick just for you!

There will also be Mandala coloring books, Shadow Coloring (objects are set on paper to cast their shadow which can then be drawn), Crafting Gods' Eyes ornaments, a Cooperative Board game - Wildcrafting, Paper May Baskets, and more! BRING CRAFT SUPPLIES TO SHARE IF YOU LIKE TOO!

Festival Photo Scavenger Hunt Begins:  1 pm

Join in some fun and frolicking around the woods! Your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to get a picture of each item on the Scavenger Hunt list. Once you find every item, show us your pics and get a special age-appropriate goody bag (for kids and adults alike). Enjoy this fun activity now through Saturday - completely at your leisure!

Workshop - A Guided Visualization: Dig Deep and Go High - Ground & Center:  2 - 3 pm

Host: Seanachai

Take some time for yourself to relax and re-center through an in-depth Ground & Center Visualization. This is an ideal way to shake off the last of mundania and let yourself breathe in sacred space! Be in the Present Moment and connect with the energies of the earth and cosmos.

Bee Ritual:  4 - 5:30 pm

Host: Seanachai

Join Seanachai in a simple yet powerful ritual to connect with Bee Energy - around and within you! We will all begin with a review of the parallels between the bees and us. We will then connect with the spirit of the bee and the power of a supportive community through ritual.

Community Meeting:  6:30 - 7 pm

Please join us at the Main Fire area for a review of Safety & Festival Protocols and community announcements.


Opening Ritual:  8 pm

Hosts:  Queen Coyote & King Daen
Join us for the Opening Ritual where we officially start our Beltaine Weekend! We will gather at the main fire for a ritual blessing and opening of the BITG festivities. The fire will be lit, with some chilling and fun to commence! Bring your drums and other instruments! Dance, sing, make music, and be merry!

Gates Close:  8 pm

Gates are closed between Thursday night at 8 pm until Friday morning at 9 am.  We ask that no one arrives during these times.