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May 19

Gates Open:  9 am

Gates are closed between Wednesday night, at 8 pm until Thursday morning at 9 am.  We ask that no one arrives during these times.

Vendors will be open throughout the day as they are ready. Come to the Main Fire area, find/experience something magickal and new to you, for you, for a friend, or possibly for the new Queen and King. Take home a treasure or two....or three!

Our vendors this year include:

  • Group Tarot/Readings by Kate

  • Hexenhaus

  • Necessary Magic

  • Mountain Rose Oddities

  • Little Bear Designs

  • Tarot & Tea with Derek

  • Madcap Mouse Emporium

Faery Arts & Crafts Circle Opens:  1 pm

Join us in making bubble wishes as we open the Kid-at-Heart Faery arts & crafts circle. This circle will remain open for the festival, offering a place for young ones and adults alike to take a break and immerse themselves in some creative fun. There will also be Mandala coloring books, Magical Story Books, and a Cooperative Board game - Wildcrafting. BRING
CRAFT SUPPLIES TO SHARE IF YOU LIKE TOO! All Children under 12 require adult supervision, thank you.

Come to the Faery Circle to make your own Beltaine Baton!  Available from now until the Main Ritual on Saturday! Find a stick just right for you and add the Beltaine ribbons chosen by Queen Aurora. Craft some Beltaine Magick for our Main Ritual!

Festival Photo Scavenger Hunt Begins:  1:30 pm

Join in some fun and frolicking around the woods! Your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to get a picture of each
item on the Scavenger Hunt list. Once you find every item, bring your pics to the Check-In Canopy and get a special,
age-appropriate goody bag (for adults and kids alike)! Enjoy this fun activity at your leisure now through Saturday until dusk!

Workshop - Up Your Vibe With a Rampage of Appreciation!:  3 - 4 pm

Host: Seanachai

Do you know about the Law of Attraction? Are you aware of the Power of Thought? All things that ever have been,
currently are, and all that shall ever be begins with a vibration; a pulsing movement of energy that creates a rhythm.
We are vibrations in form, just as is the earth and the stars beyond. How YOU vibrate will impact your life and your
environment. The higher the frequency of your energetic vibration, the lighter you can feel in your physical, emotional,
and mental bodies. You can experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy when your vibe is high.
Come hang out with Seanachai and others to learn (or remember) some quick & easy hacks to raise your vibration and
open up to receiving blessings, manifesting your desires and connecting with spirit. We will end with a demonstration of
a Rampage of Appreciation. Wonder what that is? Come to the workshop to find out!

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