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Beltaine is one of the four Greater Sabbats.  These Sabbats fall between the Solstices and Equinoxes.  Of the four, Samhain (Halloween) and Beltaine (May Day) are considered the most important.  These are the times when the veil between the physical and spirit worlds is the thinnest.


The name Beltaine is derived from the Irish Bel-tienne or Bel’s Fire.  Bel, a Celtic Fire God, is called upon to bless the herds and people with fertility for the coming year.  Animals are herded through two bonfires.  People make their wishes for fertility then either follow the animals or jump over Bel’s Fire.


In the Myth of the Wheel of the Year, we follow the changing relationship of the Goddess and God from season to season.  At Beltaine, they mate to help make the earth fertile.  Every man and woman contains the essence of both God and Goddess, and our Sacred Charge states, “All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals!”  The primary purpose of this ritual is fertility; fertility for crops, livestock, people, and of the creative mind.  A child of the loins or a child of the mind, either one conceived on Beltaine is a Child of the Gods and is Blessed!

To get the most out of this Sabbat, we suggest you have a goal in mind; something you would like to accomplish.  Meditate on this during the time leading up to the Sabbat and focus your energy on it during the revelry.  For those of us who celebrated the Spring Equinox rites, we made a sacrifice to make room and release energy for new creation and planted the seeds to start the process of growing something new in our lives.  Now, it is time to visualize.  Write down what you want.  Then close your eyes and see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it.  The more energy you concentrate on your goal, the quicker it will manifest.  If you have a partner, enjoy each other!  If you do not have a partner, be open to finding one.  If you are alone, there are other ways to celebrate!  Feel free to speak with one of the Elders of the Tradition for more information.

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