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Since we will be out in the woods, bugs and ticks may cross your path so wearing bug spray would be advisable.  Also, the main ritual area will have minimal tree coverage.  Wear sunscreen and appropriate clothing and make sure to stay hydrated to avoid heat exhaustion/heat stroke.  Should any medical emergency occur, there will be experienced personnel available to administer First Aid.  If you have medical or First Aid training/certification and would like to offer your assistance, please let us know.


For the safety of yourself and others, please adhere to the policies and guidelines laid out by both Spiral Grove Coven and the Windward Foundation.  There will be community meetings on Thursday and Friday to further discuss what they are and allow you to state any questions or concerns.


Even though some aspects of our celebration are adult-oriented, no public sexual acts are permitted at any time.  This is a family-friendly festival, and children will be present.  However, there may be some partial nudity during the day(some women walking around topless), but full nudity is prohibited until after-hours when the minors are no longer present.  Above all else, even though the majority of us are legal, consenting adults, remember no means no.


Windward Education and Research Center is a non-profit organization located in Klickitat, WA, and they need our help to keep the land beautiful and their animals safe.  We ask that you pick up after yourselves and place trash in the proper receptacles.  If you smoke, there will be butt cans available.  Do not throw them on the ground.  There are animals that roam the area, and we need to keep them safe.  Only natural items (i.e. paper plates) are allowed to be burned in private campfires, but NOTHING is to be put in the Ceremonial Belfire which is located at the Main Camp.  This is the fire we gather around for rituals and the Bardic Circle.


Please do not deface or alter any of the buildings or trees.  Firewood is provided by Windward and the only tree authorized for felling is the one being used as the Maypole.  Loose deadfall for campfires is okay, but please do not take wood from any established pile.  All campfires need to be monitored and properly contained in appropriate fire pits.

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