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We are closely monitoring the state protocols for outdoor gatherings. If anything changes, attendees will be notified by May 10th as needed. There is no requirement to get a COVID vaccine, but there are protocols we expect everyone to adhere to prior to their arrival at the festival site:

  1. If you are vaccinated, please bring your vaccine card with you to present at check-in. This should include ALL applicable members of your party.

  2. If you are NOT vaccinated, please PLAN AHEAD and take an at-home COVID test either the day before or the day of departure and BRING a photo of the test results. This should include ALL applicable members of your party (USPS offers free at-home test kits for all residential households in the U.S. You can order them here).

  3. If you do NOT have EITHER of these items able to present, we will ask that you get tested and then return with the results prior to checking in. This is best avoided for not wanting to miss out on the fun! However,  it is an available option if needed.

  4. If you have ANY kind of potential virus symptoms, please STAY HOME! It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you are unable to attend due to COVID, please email us immediately. Although it might not be until after the festival (depending on when we hear from you), we will respond as soon as possible. You will receive a full refund.

  5. If you are concerned about potential for exposure and how it may impact you or your family, we ask that you reconsider attending this year. It may be the best option is to wait.


Further information on current statewide protocols can be found here (the event is in Klickitat County). Thank you for understanding and working together to make this year safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Please review the following restrictions/accommodations for this year's festival. There is also an additional waiver that must be completed and turned in along with the standard event waiver.


Attendance capacity is 100 people.


Masks are optional; do what feels best for yourself. While visiting others at their campsites, mask requirements are up to inhabitant's discretion.

Choosing of the May Queen and King:

Those who wish to step forward for May Queen must already be partnered with their prospective consort since the couple must consummate their union upon being chosen.

Piñatas and Pagan Games:

To maintain social distancing, we will be hosting a Photo Scavenger Hunt for all ages instead of our traditional games and piñatas. Prizes will contain kid-appropriate and adult-oriented goodies, respectively.

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