Registration Now Open!

**** UPDATE ****
Due to the current county-wide restrictions, BITG attendance will be limited to 75 people this year. Our goal is to ensure our guests have a fulfilling and safe experience.
May you and your family, friends, and community at large remain healthy and safe and continue to receive the blessings of the Mother, Father, and Ancestors All. We will come through this life-changing challenge together - Heart to Heart, Spirit to Spirit with Love & Kindness. Blessed Beez!

When you register and pay to come to Beltaine in the Grove, you are not purchasing access to the festival.  The festival itself is free.  The price you are paying is for the camping fees for the land that Windward is providing and for Beltaine items, such as the natural, hand-dyed ribbons for the Maypole Dance.  You are also purchasing insurance in the case of an accident.  This is so that everyone is covered. 


Please make sure to download and fill out the waiver for each individual that will be attending.  The waiver is mandatory and can be either emailed prior to the start of Beltaine in the Grove or brought with you at check-in upon arrival.


The events at Beltaine in the Grove will take place Thursday, May 19th through Sunday, May 22th. People can arrive as early as May 17th (or May 16th if pre-arranged with Seanachai).  Please note there is an additional site fee for each day you arrive before the starting of the Beltaine in the Grove on Thursday.  Please email Seanachai for further details.  If you are willing to ride-share, please let us know.

Just want to celebrate the Main Ritual with us? We offer one-day passes for Saturday, May 21st through Sunday, May 22nd here!

Flower in Sunlight

Pet Policy

Dogs are allowed at BITG but must receive prior authorization from Seanachai via email before April 15. Please check out our Pet Policy for more information.

(Deadline to register online is May 1st)

General Registration:

$70 per person ages 13 and up** for Beltaine Weekend

(Thursday arrival to Sunday departure).


Child Registration (12 and under):

$20 per child for Beltaine Weekend

Babies not yet walking are free!

*Discount is based off the original gate price of $80 for adults and $30 for children.

**Children ages 13 and up are considered an adult for the purpose of insurance and are charged the general admission rate.



Receive $10 off per adult with 2 or more registered, and $5 off per child for groups with 2 or more children!


(Use Promo code Tribe at checkout for 2 or more adults and Indigo for groups with 2 or more children. For groups with both, purchase adults and children separately to take advantage of both promos. Fees are not taxed.)

***Additional discount is based off online registration price. To qualify, 2 or more of the same age category must be registered (i.e. 2 or more adults to receive the adult group discount or 2 or more children to receive the child group discount).




Saturday Pass:

$10 per person ages 13 and up.

$5 per child.**

(9am until 5pm May 21st)

Saturday and Sunday Pass:

$25 per person ages 13 and up.

$15 per child.**

(9am Saturday, May 21st until 12pm Sunday, May 22nd)

*Group and online discounts not available for this feature.

**Babies not yet walking are free!



General Registration:

$80 per person ages 13 and up for Beltaine Weekend

(Thursday arrival to Sunday departure).

Child Registration (12 and under):

$30 per child for Beltaine Weekend.

Babies not yet walking are free!




Full refund is available minus PayPal fees to process if requested no later than May 10th.  Email Seanachai directly for further details should the need arise.