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Spiral Grove Coven is a group of like-minded friends and family, practicing various pagan paths of spirituality. There is a core group of us that operates within a formal Coven setting, as well as our close friends and family with whom we celebrate with. Overall, we follow the Wheel of The Year, with Sabbat Celebrations being at the core of our gatherings. For us, the Sabbats are a time to work together to combine our knowledge, energies, and love so that we may each improve ourselves in this great adventure called Life. Our Sabbat Celebrations also serve as solid ties to keep our families and friends connected throughout the year.  Because of this, we continue to build strong, caring foundations for our children and conversely for any new friends we meet along the way. We have members and supporters who stretch from the Portland Metro/Vancouver, WA areas all the way up to Centralia and Olympia, WA; all of us forming a close-knit circle of love, laughter, and support for each other.


Beltaine in the Grove is a chance for us to share our celebration of Beltaine with others in our Pacific Northwest community at large.  All who wish to experience a camping festival; bringing in the start of Summer on May Day with a May Pole Dance and other festivities are welcome. We celebrate the presence of Goddess and God in every living being. We celebrate the cycles of life – fertility, birth, growth, death, and rebirth. We work magic in positive ways, showing respect for each other, the earth, and those around us. As a group, we choose to celebrate Beltaine in ways that support our belief systems. You can see more about that on our How We Celebrate page.

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