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The Wheel Turns Toward Lammas

The Wheel turns toward Lammas, or Feast of Bread, when the first harvest begins. The God is transformed into the God of Grain, also known as John Barleycorn. He is now a willing sacrifice as the grain is cut so the people may live and new grain may grow again, for all that falls shall rise again, all that dies shall be reborn. The God had come to know this wisdom and accept it, he shall die and live again. The Goddess’s belly grows full as the full moon, round and soon to quicken with life; with the death of her Lover, The Sun King, the Oak King, she feels a part of his essence enter her womb for safe guarding. The Earth is ripe and food is a plenty. The days are still long, and the heat of the sun is still felt, even though both are beginning to give way to the dark.

The God, in his transformation becomes the Life Energy of the Children of Earth. They eat of his flesh, they grow strong for the coming winter. The God becomes wise, where before he was full of folly in wanting to remain strong and alive. He understands the cycle must continue, and his part in the cycle is to transform himself, transform the grain and transform the Children of Earth. He carries his head high in every sheath of wheat, and ear of corn. He will feed his people and be born once more. The Goddess continues to give life to the Earth, the fruit trees are becoming heavy, the transformation from blossom to fruit is beginning to be complete. But her work is not yet done, no time for rest as yet, there is much more yet to do. The Goddess sings through the first harvest to prepare her Children, both wild and human in form, for the darkness that is coming. Her bountiful basket will fill their tables, their cellars, their bodies. Through the first harvest, her gifts are directly received. The Children of the Earth celebrate the life of the God through sport and games, the men showing off their own strength most of all. They honor the life that has given itself to them; and they honor the Mother who gave life to that Strength which sees them through the seasons of the Wheel. A Feast of Bread is the center of celebration, noting the hard work to prepare for the winter has just begun, and that without the willing sacrifice of the God, life would not persist through the dark times ahead. Sacred Breads are baked, in shapes of the Goddess, a woven braid, never ending knot of cycles, or round as the womb is full. The meal that is used to make this first bread is blessed by the Goddess and God so that the Children of Earth may partake directly of the blessings Divine. The harvest is retained within to nourish and begin again. Corn Dollies are made in effigy of the Goddess and God to protect their homes through the coming winter months, and to retain a part of the harvest close to their hearts. The effigies will be saved until the following year, when they shall be burned to represent the transformation of John Barleycorn. This sympathetic sacrifice will help ensure a return of the grain that has once again been cut. This is what Lammas is about, the beginning of harvest, the work to prepare for Winter which beckons not far behind. The Earth’s grain is ready to be cut so it may grow again as the Wheel Turns once more…

Seanachai Moonfyre

Merry Meet! I am first and foremost a writer. When I am writing I am in my element! Much of what I write about, and do in my life is centered around a pagan spiritual base. I have been studying various paths and topics, working with energies, deities, and the elements for 15 years plus. I am the High Priestess of Spiral Grove an eclectic study coven. I say I was given this coven as a gift because that is what it truly is. Spiral Grove would not be what it is without the members who make it whole.


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