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Time Flies When You Prepare For Beltaine

Ok- I have to admit it, I am not going to get everything done before Beltaine that I had originally planned to. That includes the last two segments about Beltaine- Before I go to celebrate Beltaine- go figure. So I have come to a decision- this post will include some of my faveorite pictures of past Beltaine Celebrations. When I return to mundania and the technological world we live in, I will post in MAY my last two entries on the symbols of Beltaine and What it means to us in Spiral Grove. Until then- enjoy the picture show, may you have a Blessed and Magical, Joy-filled Beltaine- and Blessed Beez! These are completely random- no particular order:

Seanachai Moonfyre

Merry Meet! I am first and foremost a writer. When I am writing I am in my element! Much of what I write about, and do in my life is centered around a pagan spiritual base. I have been studying various paths and topics, working with energies, deities, and the elements for 15 years plus. I am the High Priestess of Spiral Grove an eclectic study coven. I say I was given this coven as a gift because that is what it truly is. Spiral Grove would not be what it is without the members who make it whole.


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