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The Wheel of the Year- Beltaine’s Story

The Wheel turns toward Beltaine, or May Day. It is the beginning of the light half of the year and the earth is literally burgeoning with Fertile Creation. Trees bloom overnight, the warmth of the Waxing sun is felt more every day. The balance of Day and Night has been left behind, with Light now gaining more over Dark every day. The Goddess and God dance, make love, and enter into the hearts of every man and woman, plant and beast. It is the time to show the field and forest, the farm animals and wild ones what needs to be done to take the Earth’s fertility and create new life for the coming harvest. The Goddess as Maiden is at her epitome of beauty and sensuality. The God has transformed from young man into the Horned One, GreenMan, God of the Forest and Animals. He is at the height of his virility and his need is great, and felt across the land. The veil between the worlds is thin once again, with the land of Faerie intermingling with the land of mortals. Many a Faerie, queen, king or otherwise will cross over looking for a lover, or to entice a mortal into their realm for revelries only the Fairy can provide.

The Maiden Goddess and Young God transform into the May Queen and her beloved Sun King, and are wed. The Earth and Sun are together at last, creating Life across the land. Their energies are rising together, commingling and being expressed in a multitude of ways. Their passion culminates on Beltaine eve: She Dances in the verdant, sylvan wood waiting for Her Consort. Seductive curves reveal a bounty in Her breasts, and belly; Her Dance is the Heartbeat of the Earth. She glimmers through the trees, ready to embrace Her Lover; Ready to Sing in the Summer Heat with kisses so sweet. He runs in the blooming, viridian forest eager for His Inamorata, His scarlet lips whisper virility on the wind. Sinewed limbs entwined with Hawthorne and Oak speak of His Potency; Bearing horns of a stag, Yearning for Release is His Dance. With wild, vernal zeal, turning to Summer’s efflorescing days, Urging Hunger to be in Her supple arms brings Him to Her. The Goddess and the God are united in sacred marriage, their relationship consummated, the animals and plant life are fertilized for the coming year.

And so too are the Children of Earth, who emulate the Goddess and God as May Queen and Sun King, bringing the divine, fertile, passionate energies from the Goddess and God into themselves. The Children of Earth have Bonfires burn through the night with livestock brought to be blessed by the flames of life and fertility; and where revelers may jump the flames for wishes and good luck. They also dance the May Pole, another way to Dance, uniting the male and female energies of the Goddess, the God, men and women alike. All Women and Men are the Goddess and God especially at this time of year, as Divine energy is dancing in unlimited expansion. For the Tribes of the Children of Earth, the Goddess often chooses a specific May Queen for each group of people, whom in turn chooses her own consort so together they may bring the full incarnate of virile, fertile energy and creation forth in physical form; and thus bless their community for a bountiful harvest to come. The Children of the Earth make love in the woods knowing all acts of love and pleasure are of the Goddess. Any child of Beltaine is a child conceived by the Goddess and God directly through lovers on earth, and is thus twice blessed and magical in and of themselves. This is what Beltaine is about, the Commingling and Culmination of creation and fertility through Earth Goddess and Sun God in the heartbeat of every living thing. The Earth is creating Life as the Wheel Turns once more…

Seanachai Moonfyre

Merry Meet! I am first and foremost a writer. When I am writing I am in my element! Much of what I write about, and do in my life is centered around a pagan spiritual base. I have been studying various paths and topics, working with energies, deities, and the elements for 15 years plus. I am the High Priestess of Spiral Grove an eclectic study coven. I say I was given this coven as a gift because that is what it truly is. Spiral Grove would not be what it is without the members who make it whole.


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