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  • Seanachai Moonfyre

Dance…. by Seanachai Moonfyre

She Dances in the verdant wood waiting for Her Consort. Long tresses gleam with titian flames, Spiral curls pirouette in sunlight. Crimson lips hint at the flush of her mood, Seductive curves reveal a bounty in Her breasts. Singing in the Summer heat, ready to embrace Her lover, Her Dance is the Heartbeat of the Earth.

He Runs in the viridian forest eager for His Inamorata. Raven locks glint aubergine under a dappled sun, Scarlet lips whisper Virility on the wind. A Crown of Horn speaks to His Potency, His wild, vernal zeal turns toward efflorescing days. An Urgent Hunger for Her Kiss brings Him to Her, Yearning for Release is His Dance.

Beltaine revelers frolic, weaving inward, outward. Ribbons of vermilion and alabaster undulate with Life, While splashes of pine, sage and vivid green flash by. Trees bear witness to the Magic of their Dance. Everywhere Creation bursts forth, A kaleidoscope of possibility in Bloom. Lucid Passion and Euphoria are within the Grove, As Goddess and God Sing, Life becomes the Dance.

Seanachai Moonfyre

Merry Meet! I am first and foremost a writer. When I am writing I am in my element! Much of what I write about, and do in my life is centered around a pagan spiritual base. I have been studying various paths and topics, working with energies, deities, and the elements for 15 years plus. I am the High Priestess of Spiral Grove an eclectic study coven. I say I was given this coven as a gift because that is what it truly is. Spiral Grove would not be what it is without the members who make it whole.


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