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By Kate


"Group Tarot is a unique form of group facilitation that opens the mind to new possibilities. A surprising yet effective experience for corporations, organizations, and other groups to shift or shake up your culture, get new perspectives, and provide a captivating experience for employees, teams, and other collectives to interact in a profound, engaging way.

In short, it's a mind blowing experience that blends mindfulness, theatrical presentation, and self exploration."

“I use tools from my actor’s kit all the time as a tarotist: releasing my neck, rolling up and down my spine, shaking out, imagining myself in my querent’s situation, noticing my breath. I use tarot as an actor: which card is an archetype of my character? Is there a card which illustrates the scene or a specific relationship? Both roles require an open channel of the body and voice, with an ability to not just listen to but follow through on impulse. Or instinct.”

Kate Mura

About Kate Mura:

Oregon Arts Watch Kate is a witch, theatre artist and tarot reader working to create a b.e.s.t. world: beautiful, equitable, sustainable and timely.  Over her 20+ year career she has done everything from experimental performance art doing contact improv while covered in chocolate sauce, to Juliet in Romeo & Juliet with Theatre at the Center. She danced with President Bill Clinton during her tenure with CityKids Foundation at the Presidential Summit for America's Future, toured the world in her original solo show Suburban Tribe and performed in National Forests through Fuse Theatre Ensemble. Her workshops have been attended by all genders, many ethnicities, a wide array of diverse abilities, and most ages from kindergarten to second year Masters students at The Theatre School of DePaul University. She is a proud Creatrix, I.A.T.S.E. stagehand, EMC, Artistic Ambassador of Fuse Theatre Ensemble, and proud queer pagan.


Learn more at and



$1 - $5/minute per person.

Individuals and groups of all sizes are welcome.

Masks are preferred for individual readings but are required for groups.

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