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About the Owner

"Born and raised in Alaska I grew up surrounded by nature and believing in fairies. Right from the get go I was an avid crafts person; making my own toys even if they were simply sock puppets. After having a series of adventures and wandering around the United States and the world I settled in Portland, Oregon where I still live today. Several years ago I found Sigil Magic and fell in love. I study the Elder Futhark and other Pagan practices. I believe in the importance of nature and magic weave themselves together in so many beautiful ways."

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The Beginning

"Necessary Magic came from the dumpster fire which was 2020. After being laid off because of the pandemic I found flowers.  I had always loved plants and herbs and I had always loved biking but had never thought there might be a connection.  I had several Lavender plants that needed to be cut back and made some herb bundles from the cut off materials. Bam! It happened! I have been a practicing Pagan for several years and I never thought that all of my interests would come together in such a beautiful way."

Why Necessary Magic?

Pagan owned and operated, Necessary Magic supplies are all created with magical intent and love.  Small batched and made by one woman, the items are all one of a kind. Attention to detail and ethical foraging are important to creating magical supplies, and that is one of the missions of Necessary Magic.


Follow Necessary Magic on Instagram for updates on inventory and announcements, or check out their website here!

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